About Us

Amalfi Outsourcing is a privately-owned business that offers you an unprecedented network of trusted expertise, innovative solutions and intelligent software to help your business reach its full potential in a simpler, more cost-effective manner.

Operating in the heart of Umhlanga, Durban, South Africa, our dedicated team of over 200 employees are trained to deliver services that are tailored to your individual requirements and needs. These services include inbound & outbound solutions, quality assessment across all divisions, back-office solutions, customer lifecycle management, retentions, and customer service.

Trusted with thousands of unique interactions worldwide, our company has built a solid framework of distinguished comprehensive solutions. Our dynamic versatility offers you the complete package and our aim is to form a genuine partnership with your brand while simultaneously providing you with positive acquisitions, customer satisfaction and true ROI.

The Right Partner to Drive Your Business Forward

We have a way to mend the broken relationship between brands and customers. We call it customer engagement and it requires a company to think beyond the tactics of once-off interactions to a strategy of long-term relationship building.

Our Team Has Experience with Inbound & Outbound Services

We are proud that we served our clients and their needs expertly over the last couple of years. Every day, we interact with thousands of customers. We help them manage their experience on our clients platform, payment queries, troubleshooting and sales on mobile, digital, and dialer platforms.

Why South Africa?


South Africa’s top-of-the-line telecommunications network is world-renowned for delivering exceptional results at a fraction of the cost. The exchange rate provides excellent opportunities for international investors looking to explore offshore operations and offers cost savings of up to 50-60% compared to UK onshore programmes.


With a network that is 99.9% digital, South Africa’s telecommunications infrastructure is considered to be the best on the continent and includes the latest in fixed-line, wireless and satellite communication. With the country only 1 to 2 hours ahead of the UK, it makes it easier to communicate with managers to ensure campaigns run seamlessly.


South Africa has a large pool of highly skilled, motivated and educated workers, which dramatically reduces training lead times. Our solid workforce has extensive inbound and outbound expertise and English language fluency with neutral accents, to drive your brand’s productivity, efficiency and profits.


Warm, sunny days and cool nights, welcome to South Africa. Our country’s sub-tropical climate, vibrant and culturally diverse economy holds enormous potential as an investment destination.

Why Durban?

Known for its unparalleled economic development rate, Durban is fast becoming a leading destination that provides global investors with the opportunity to easily capitalise on future investments. In addition, our aligned cultural affinity, ideal maritime connectivity, like-minded business philosophies and lower operating costs compared to neighbouring provinces, provide us with the perfect opportunity for multiple global partnerships.

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