We take a great interest in the personal achievements and lives of our employees, whether it be celebrating a birthday, new life, or new union. We celebrate it all, because being a part of the Amalfi brand is more than just the logo or the name, it is about ensuring that we are fully invested in our employees and their lives.

Every month we celebrate the birthdays of our employees. Each person receives a birthday card signed by every person in their team as well as a freshly baked birthday cake.

Since the inception of Amalfi, we have celebrated the birth of two baby girls, from two of Amalfi’s most hard working and successful employees. Before these lovely ladies went on their maternity leave, Amalfi hosted a baby shower where we presented these ladies with gifts for their newborns.

Our Amalfi Outsourcing Management Team spent an evening sharing dinner and getting to know one another better. We all lead such busy lives and the importance of creating good working relationships, in a more relaxed setting is often overlooked.

These are just a few of Amalfi’s employee benefits and some of the ways that we ensure that we have a great working environment and promote a culture of teamwork and dedication. Our staff’s comfort and happiness is placed at the forefront of our vision. We know that providing a great place to work is the difference between being a good company and a great company.