Businesses around the world have taken a stand towards creating a greener and more sustainable environment within and without the workplace. In a sense it has almost become trendy to be environmentally friendly – Green is the new black.

Here at Amalfi, we have ensured that every decision we make from choosing our offices to our daily operations takes the environment into consideration. 

First and foremost, when searching for the base of our contact centre was to consider how environmentally friendly the building and facilities are. We are proud to say that Park Square, the home of our operations, has a 4-star green star rating. The building has implemented strategies to reduce water and energy consumption as well as a reduction in waste and easily accessible public transport.

The infrastructure itself has been built from new and recycled materials, furthermore, reducing the carbon footprint. Park Square has been specifically built with lighting in mind, the building utilizes natural lighting during the day and energy conservative alternatives to best optimize energy usage for the building as a whole.

Amalfi’s operation is completely digital, we take advantage of cloud technologies to store and retrieve data to not only reduce our paper consumption but to also ensure that our information is securely and safely stored. With cloud technologies in our grips the growth of our client bases and operations is limitless.

Our development team is constantly working on ways to streamline and improve every touch point within Amalfi, these improvements in software development calls for less use of equipment and ultimately less waste. 

The possibilities for reducing waste and contributing to a greener world is endless and as we further in our mission to become the leading outsourcing company we strive to implement more was to be greener and better, not only as a business but as a community in its entirety.