Our Team

Amalfi Outsourcing consists of a team of over 200 industry experts. Each staff member has been trained to develop and implement effective strategies and concepts across their respective fields. This means we can provide world-class quality services to ensure your brand receives the best possible results at a more than admirable rate. These departments include IT and Development, Marketing, Advertising, Finance, Legal, as well as our Call Centre of inbound and outbound agents, customer service, retentions and quality.

We have expertly developed our skills in inbound, outbound, webchat, email and social media. Our abilities have expanded from new acquisition sales to customer service, back-office and retentions.

Our Culture

Great things in our business are brought to life by a unique culture of innovation – one that motivates, retains and rewards employees for their hard work. Our diverse company culture is the foundation for future success and our differences are what position us to lead in the call centre industry.

When creating our centre, our staff’s comfort and happiness was placed at the forefront of our vision. We know that providing a great place to work is the difference between being a good company and a great company.



We have a way to mend the broken relationship between brands and customers. We call it customer engagement and it requires a company to think beyond the tactics of once-off interactions to a strategy of long-term relationship building.


Creativity plays a big role in our problem-solving processes, with a skilful and dedicated team, we are able to conceptualise marketing strategies and outbound campaigns that communicate effectively to our targeted audiences.


Integrity is imbedded into the core of our company; we aim to build trust and loyalty with all stakeholders in contact with us and uphold legislative standards and requirements.


We create a rare quality of loyalty towards our business, by ensuring unique and quality assured services to all our stakeholders and always working on building and nourishing relationships with our consumers and employees.


Amalfi is fortified by the diverse team that steers our business towards success. It is important that our team is inspired, motivated and proud to belong to the Amalfi Outsourcing Services family. That is why we invest our efforts and resources in creating the best place to work and give recognition to our team for accomplishing the unaccomplished.


We take time to listen to the needs of our consumers, and to adjust to their ever-changing demands.

Join our Caring & Innovative Culture

We’re always looking for talented individuals to join our family. If you’re looking for a great career and a place to shine and grow, join the Amalfi Outsourcing Services. Email us your CV and we will be in touch: Jobs@amalfioutsourcing.com

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