Our Offerings

As specialists in the field of inbound and outbound solutions, we understand what it takes to connect with some of the world’s most respected brands. Our operational methodology includes a complete 360-degree process which focuses on guiding customer relationships from the first sale to the final product delivery. This interaction is managed by our in-house customer relationship management programme. Highly skilled, accredited sales consultants utilise innovative data analytics to produce results that exceed expectations.

Amalfi Outsourcing extends its services beyond call centre operations, offering a full ‘turnkey’ service, incorporating technology, to offer the best solutions to our clients. Our expertise includes:

– Serving incoming lines

– Making outbound calls

– Flexible call routing

– Voice menu (ivr-menu)

– Integration with the crm of your organization

– Recording of telephone conversations

– Reporting on calls

– Call back function

The diagram below is an indication of the industries worked, services supported, and channels delivered via the experienced team within Amalfi Outsourcing:


Amalfi Outsourcing is registered with ICO (Information Commissioner’s Office-Registration Number ZA641415); being ICO compliant, we partner with some of the UK’s largest online digital data providers, to collect fully opted in and GDPR compliant digital leads.

Quality Assurance & Reporting

Our data analysis and QA teams provide our operations and our clients with real-time feedback on customer comments and trends, which delivers business transformation optimisation and rapid results.

Operations Include:

– Quality and compliance
– RAG soft skills
– Connect rates
– DMC rates
– Conversion rates
– Daily performance stats
– Dedicated quality managers
– Workshops to align, address challenges and bridge gaps

Compliance & GDPR

Amalfi Outsourcing adheres to the standards and requirements of the GDPR regulations to ensure that all data remains protected and is compliant to all standardised measures. This means that all data is used correctly and kept secure at all times and that the services we offer remain at a high standard.

Compliance with a Supervisory Authority

– Real-time analysts to ensure grade of service targets are met.

– We are able to introduce NPS/ASAT/CSAT as a measure of quality in customer interaction.

– We ensure QA & Compliance on all customer interactions – 1000’s of interactions are scored on a weekly basis.

– Comprehensive business intelligence and analytics.

– Full MI reporting suite available to track and quantify all measurable KPI’s.

Quality Assurance & Compliance

We have an Amalfi Insight team providing the operation with real-time feedback on customer comments and trends.

– We measure overall quality and compliance as well as RAG soft skills for a full circle view of call content.

– The QA and compliance team provide a weekly pack with the top three fails, successes, customer feedback, complaints management and escalation processes.

– We listen to 100% of all sales calls and a high percentage of non-sale related calls to draw insight and make improvements.

– The team holds weekly calibrations and workshops to align, address challenges and bridge any gaps.

Webchat / Digital

Digital communication has an incredible influence on people’s interactions, work, purchases and life habits. We know it’s the preferred channel for customers that use the platforms for instant messaging and it’s a more cost effective solution for the customer as well as your business.

1. Connex 1 – LC platform.

2. Full MI portfolio to highlight which webpages drive in the most traffic to allow service providers to direct traffic strategically.

3. Predefined content available for advisors to use – reduces AHT.

4. Flexibility to add chat onto any web page.

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