During the first quarter of 2020 Amalfi, like many other companies, were faced with the harsh reality of the coronavirus pandemic. The safety of all our staff has always been at the forefront of our priorities but none so more than this year. Due to the lockdown regulations that were put in place, all our staff were sent home during the compulsory national quarantine.

As our teams went into lockdown, we set in motion our ‘Work-From-Home’ Strategy which ensured all departments had their work stations fully equipped in their households with sufficient internet connection and resources, to make sure operations and productivity levels would not be effected by working from home. Online ZOOM and Skype meetings were held weekly to brainstorm ideas, go over targets and conquer the week ahead.

In conjunction with our swift transition into our ‘Work-From-Home’ Strategy, we put together weekly targets to incentivise our employees. If the employees reached these targets, they received special grocery hampers that were delivered directly to their homes. This not only helped reduce the employees’ weekly food bill but also helped restrict their movement and their potential to catch the virus.

Taking care of our staff not only ensures their safety and health but also helps with their work productivity. The incentive grocery hampers were purchased from a local church, who used the profits made from these orders to provide food to those less fortunate during the strenuous period of hard-lockdown regulations.

Once major restrictions were lifted, we allowed our agents to slowly return to the office in small groups as per government regulations. We still continued to provide digital grocery vouchers to agents working from home in order to help to relieve some of the extra financial strain that has come with the pandemic and lockdown.

Amalfi continues to work hard to provide a work environment that promotes personal hygiene and safety. For example, we provide masks, tissues, no-touch trash cans, hand soap, alcohol-based sanitiser, disinfectants to all employees as well as disposable towels that can be used to swipe down work surfaces. The office has numerous educational posters and signs that helps educate staff and visitors on all protocol that should be followed while in the office and in general.